Nov 4, 2005

Marketplace AM for November 4, 2005

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Hoping the sky is falling

Nov 4, 2005
Disney hopes to recapture some of its former glory in the realm of animation with the release of <em>Chicken Little</em>, which opens today. Brian Watt reports.

Random House 'n' Universal

Nov 4, 2005
Host Lisa Napoli talks to Michael Speier about Random House's agreement with the movie studio Universal to turn books into movies.

Visa may go IPO

Nov 4, 2005
Apparently looking to match rival MasterCard, Visa has installed a new board of directors that many observers say may lead to an eventual public stocking offering. Amy Scott reports.

Wal-Mart's PR yin and yang

Nov 4, 2005
The world's largest retailer is locked in a pitched battle over its image; today, two new salvos will be fired: a critical documentary and a rosy economic report. Scott Tong has the story.

Controlling the TV pipeline

Nov 4, 2005
Years back, cable replaced the networks as the top dog in TV. Now cable has serious competition — from phone companies. Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.

New Orleans' sports outlook

Nov 4, 2005
Michael Knisely discusses the future of the New Orleans Saints and Hornets sports teams with host Scott Jagow.

The team

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