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What lurks beneath

May 9, 2006
Stephen Smith reports on how the Gulf Coast fishing and tourism industry is coping with the submerged debris left by Hurricane Katrina.

GM's $768 million turnaround

May 9, 2006
Instead of losing $323 million in the first quarter, GM claimed yesterday it actually made $445 million. Tess Vigeland explains how the automaker arrived at the new figure.
GM sign
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UK housing market

May 9, 2006
It's still a seller's market in Britain, thanks largely to super-rich buyers looking for prestige homes. Commentator David Wells argues that wealth does not always translate into good taste.

TiVo ads on demand

May 9, 2006
The latest gimmick from the provider of digital video recording services is to offer viewers advertising on demand. Say what? Cheryl Glaser reports.

Growth forecast: Average

May 9, 2006
Economists say a slowdown is coming, but considering gas prices and interest rates, things could be a lot worse. Hillary Wicai reports.