May 25, 2007

Marketplace AM for May 25, 2007

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Global economy picking up U.S. slack

May 25, 2007
The global economy's in its best shape in years says the OECD, but the news isn't as good for the U.S. That balanced growth is thanks to other economies filling in where ours is sagging. Steve Tripoli has more.

Google meets the privacy police

May 25, 2007
Every time you use Google, it keeps your search data stored. Not with your personal information, but E.U. regulators say the search giant might be in violation of privacy rules there anyway. Maija Palmer explains.

Is anyone still here?

May 25, 2007
An awful lot of employees seem to, cough cough, call in sick the Friday before a long holiday weekend like this one. And lots of other summer Fridays too. So how are workers really using their sick days? Ashley Milne-Tyte…

Coke gets smart and vitaminwater

May 25, 2007
The fizz is going out of soda profits, but Coca-Cola has a plan B. There's news today that the soft drink maker will shell out $4.2 billion for bottled water giant Glaceau, best known for its smartwater and vitaminwater brands.


May 25, 2007
After being turned away by the London Stock Exchange earlier this year, the NASDAQ has found a willing transatlantic partner in Stockholm's OMX exchange. And we'll probably see more consolidation ahead says economist Andrew Hilton.

BetonSports pleads guilty, guilty, guilty

May 25, 2007
British online gaming company BetonSports has made a deal with the feds. It'll pay a whopping fine and admit to several felony charges <i>and</i> help prosecutors make a case against its former CEO. Stephen Beard reports.

Mash on over to

May 25, 2007
Lucas Films couldn't help but notice that people are creating all sorts of unauthorized Star Wars mash-ups on YouTube. So they're releasing hundreds of video clips on their own site, hoping to draw all those eyes over to their advertisers.…

It's a sexual marketing revolution

May 25, 2007
Companies that make, um, intimacy products are getting creative about how they market them to women, whose attitudes about sex are more open than ever. And courting the ladies is really paying off, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
The KY Intrigue website sells its product with a romantic story.

Not your father's American Dream

May 25, 2007
A new study reveals that while American men are working harder than the generation before them, they are earning less. Families are keeping pace because two-income households are now the norm. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Hugo Chavez TV

May 25, 2007
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is taking over the country's airwaves. His government already controls many media outlets there &mdash; on which he broadcasts live up to 40 hours a week &mdash; and now he's taking over its most-watched TV network. Dan…

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