Mar 8, 2007

Marketplace AM for March 8, 2007

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Greenspan gives 1-in-3 odds on recession

Mar 8, 2007
Ben Bernanke's had a pretty upbeat take on the economy — so is former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan stepping on his successor's toes with his gloomier-than-thou outlook? Chris Farrell says heck no.

Unemployment of black men at 'crisis' level

Mar 8, 2007
Congress today looks at the employment situation facing African-American men. The statistics are daunting, and testimony is expected to point to education as both a culprit and a solution.

Which way to climate change?

Mar 8, 2007
Europe wants to reduce emissions 20 percent by 2020, but questions over how to get there — such as how poor countries will keep up or whether to include nuclear power — are fueling critics' flames.

Police wanted, training optional

Mar 8, 2007
They're armed with guns and badges, but are they trained? Faced with shortages, some local police forces are taking advantage of grace periods that allow new officers to delay academy training — for up to two years in some states.

Paulson walks fine line in China

Mar 8, 2007
Washington wants economic change in China and wants it now, but analysts say U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is playing it smart by taking the soft line.

Climate pressure building in Europe

Mar 8, 2007
Europe has taken the global lead in combating climate change, but the E.U. may have a hard time convincing other nations to sign on as it struggles with internal disagreements and early failures.

Bush leaves for Latin America, minus cash

Mar 8, 2007
The purpose of President Bush's weeklong trip to Latin America is to focus on social development to reduce poverty there, but his proposed 2008 budget actually cuts aid to the region — a detail that hasn't gone unnoticed.

Time Warner settles AOL merger suit

Mar 8, 2007
Media giant Time Warner has agreed to a $144 million settlement in one of the last investor lawsuits stemming from its merger with AOL six years ago.

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