Mar 5, 2007

Marketplace AM for March 5, 2007

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U.S. housing a drag on U.K. bank

Mar 5, 2007
HSBC, the U.K.'s largest bank, managed to post a 5 percent second-half profit in spite of $11 billion in losses due to sub-prime loans gone bad in the States.

An airport screeners union?

Mar 5, 2007
An anti-terrorism bill working its way through Congress would, among other things, give airport security screeners the right to union representation — but President Bush has his veto stamp ready.

British airlines not friendly to open skies

Mar 5, 2007
Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have voiced opposition to a tentative open-skies deal between the U.S. and Europe. Seems they don't want to loosen their grip on London's Heathrow Airport.

China tries to plug its wage gap

Mar 5, 2007
Leaders in China are concerned that the nation's wealth is too concentrated in the hands of a few, but not everyone's convinced the momentum of the widening gap between rich and poor can be stopped.

Cashing in on the forever stamp

Mar 5, 2007
Newsweek's Allan Sloan says you're sure not going to get rich fast by taking advantage of the forever stamp, but it might make you feel good.

Ghost town, Beirut

Mar 5, 2007
Lebanon's tourism industry was booming until last year's month-long war between Hezbollah and Israel. Subsequent economic and political crises have left Beirut's downtown a shell of its former self.

More than one way to trap a lobster

Mar 5, 2007
Fishermen who use nets are fighting today for a piece of Maine's $300 million lobster fishing and tourist economies, but critics say it's too risky.

Putting our best biofuel forward

Mar 5, 2007
Tariffs aside, the U.S. and Brazil, the world's largest ethanol producers, are working together to present a united front to push the biofuel. The goal? Counter the oil cartel.

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