Mar 20, 2006

Marketplace AM for March 20, 2006

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Making a donation for you

Mar 20, 2006
Hal Hinkle traded Wall Street for Planet Earth. The self-styled environmentalist wants you to read six e-mails he's written about global warming. In return, he'll donate $100 in your name to one of three eco-themed charities. Lisa Napoli reports.

The Sloan Sessions: Knight-Ridder's fall

Mar 20, 2006
Allan Sloan, Wall Street editor for Newsweek magazine, talks with host Scott Jagow about the end of a great newspaper empire.

What to do about Iran?

Mar 20, 2006
Today, the UN Security Council holds its first official meeting to decide what to do about Iran and its nuclear program. Alisa Roth reports.

More full rides at Stanford

Mar 20, 2006
Stanford University's coffers are rich with tech royalties, enabling the school to expand its offering of free tuition to poor students. Janet Babin reports.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC