Mar 2, 2006

Marketplace AM for March 2, 2006

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Love Field showdown

Mar 2, 2006
American Airlines launches service out of Dallas's Love Field today. Even though the carrier is likely to lose money in the move, Alex Cohen reports that it's all about checking the growth of rival Southwest.

College costs

Mar 2, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow that the rising cost of a college education has some wondering whether higher education is even worth it.

No consensus on Census change

Mar 2, 2006
Today more than 400 economists and other academics will call on US Census officials to spare a $40 million survey to find out how federal programs help needy families. Scott Tong reports.

Celebrex study

Mar 2, 2006
We've all heard the charges that Vioxx can trigger heart attacks. Now comes word that rival pain reliever Celebrex may also exacerbate heart problems. Helen Palmer reports.

The team

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