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Segments From this episode

Where has the money gone in Iraq?

Mar 17, 2006
Three years ago this weekend the US invaded Iraq. Beyond military spending, the US government has allocated $21 billion to rebuild the country. Pratap Chatterjee, director the non-profit group Corpwatch, spoke with Scott Jagow about where the money has gone.

What's on the US credit-card bill?

Mar 17, 2006
Yesterday, the Senate raised the debt ceiling by another $800 billion. So now the United States owes $9 trillion. Hillary Wicai puts this in perspective.

The Job Files: Image consultant

Mar 17, 2006
In this week's installment we meet image consultant Samantha von Sperling, who teaches etiquette, interview skills and social skills. Did you know asparagus is to be eaten with the fingers?

A beer martini please . . . dry

Mar 17, 2006
One American beer maker has a suggestion for you: beer cocktails.Julie Moody takes us to Austin, Texas, where the idea is being tested on some music-festival fans.