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Sweatshops for Uncle Sam

Mar 15, 2006
A report out this week suggests sweatshops are alive and well in the United States. In fact, some of the factories are busy making uniforms for the US military. Hillary Wicai reports.

There's not enough rooms in this town for the two of us

Mar 15, 2006
More than 1,300 bands and fans are in Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest music festival. The problem is finding a place to stay. Julie Moody reports.

Reich: Good debt, bad debt

Mar 15, 2006
Congress is poised to raise the nation's debt limit. The White House wants to boost the ceiling by hundreds of billions of dollars. Commentator Robert Reich says there's nothing wrong with debt, but it's what you spend it on that counts.

A slow burn on India-Pakistan oil deal

Mar 15, 2006
The US isn't happy with a possible energy pact between India and Pakistan.That's because it involves building a gas pipeline from Iran. Miranda Kennedy reports.