Mar 12, 2007

Marketplace AM for March 12, 2007

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Houston, we have new headquarters

Mar 12, 2007
Halliburton announced yesterday that it's moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai. Better oil exploration and production opportunities, they say. That Dubai has some of the world's most liberal tax and investment laws probably doesn't hurt either.

A sub-prime epidemic

Mar 12, 2007
The nation's largest independent sub-prime lender may be the latest victim of the housing slowdown. New Century Financial says the banks that keep its money flowing are cutting the lifelines.

More and more emergency spending

Mar 12, 2007
Latest emergency spending bill: The White House wants another $100 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Democrats have attached additional dollars for domestic items. But somebody's gotta lose. . .

Sugar-coating a subsidy crisis

Mar 12, 2007
The E.U. is poised to slash sugar subsidies — a move that could ruin producers in Africa and the Caribbean. So Barbados is hoping to find a high-end market for its ultra-sweet, ultra-expensive sugar.

Insider trading stomps London market

Mar 12, 2007
The dark cloud of insider trading was cast over a $19 billion bid for Britain's largest pharmacy chain, Boots, last week. Inconvenient timing for regulators who'd just announced that 25% of London deals are preceded by suspicious trading activity.

New storm trackers in Chicago

Mar 12, 2007
Hurricane futures begin trading on the Merc today. It's a new way for businesses to hedge against hurricane losses, and building it required a new way of classifying the storms.

Sloan Sessions: Horizontal double dummy

Mar 12, 2007
How did McClatchy get that $160 million tax break when it sold the Minneapolis Star-Tribune last week? Turns out it's thanks to a little-used type of merger that's pretty smart.

Enough with earnings projections!

Mar 12, 2007
In an effort to make American business more competitive, the Chamber of Commerce is urging public companies to stop wasting time on earnings forecasts.

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