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Sloan Sessions: Half-year review

Jun 26, 2006
Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan and host Scott Jagow take a look at market trends during the first half of the year and where they might be headed.

Laser acupuncture a sham?

Jun 26, 2006
A consumer advocacy group is calling on federal regulators to crack down on businesses that claim laser acupuncture can help smokers kick the habit. Alex Cohen reports.

The push for plain talk

Jun 26, 2006
The state of Washington is boosting tax receipts and efficiency with a drive to weed out bureaucratic jargon in state correspondence. Austin Jenkins reports

Steel deal: Arcelor gives in to Mittal

Jun 26, 2006
One of Europe's longest and most acrimonious takeover battles appears to be over. European steelmaker Arcelor has finally agreed to merge with the Indian-owned Mittal. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Chinese imports sneak back into US market

Jun 26, 2006
An uproar from US textile companies over cheap Chinese imports last year led to tariffs and restrictions on Chinese bras and other clothing. But now exporters have found a new way to get products into the US. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Advantage Adidas

Jun 26, 2006
Wimbledon starts today and already there's a winner: Adidas has won a temporary legal battle to keep its signature three-stripe design on sponsored players. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Easing offshore drilling ban

Jun 26, 2006
The House of Representatives is expected to vote this week on a bill that would relax restrictions on offshore gas and oil drilling. Steve Tripoli reports.

Customer service reps beware

Jun 26, 2006
The Internet is abuzz with talk over how AOL has made it harder for members to quit. Ethan Lindsey looks at why AOL's new membership policies may help the bottom line but hurt its PR.
AOL sign
Joe Raedle (c) Getty Images

Handing over a fortune

Jun 26, 2006
Investor Warren Buffett is donating more than $30 billion to help the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation help humankind. Amy Scott looks at what the gift might mean for the future of philanthropy.