Jun 22, 2006

Marketplace AM for June 22, 2006

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US beef surplus

Jun 22, 2006
While Japanese officials work out the timing of plans to lift the ban on American beef, US cattlemen are faced with a growing problem: a drought-triggered surplus of beef. Alex Cohen explains.

Watching the World Cup

Jun 22, 2006
What's it like to experience the world's biggest sporting event live? Host Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace's Scott Jagow in Germany, where he's been enjoying the World Cup — and all its host nation has to offer.
Marketplace Morning Report host Scott Jagow at Munich's Augustiner Biergarten.

Asian markets soar

Jun 22, 2006
Stock markets across Asia rallied today on the heels of Wall Street's strong showing. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Virtual soccer training

Jun 22, 2006
Australia's soccer team can advance to the next round of the World Cup tournament today with a win over Croatia. One key to the team's success so far has been a computer. Ethan Lindsey reports.

EU considers wine subsidies

Jun 22, 2006
For connoisseurs of government subsidy here's a new one to savor: The European Commission in Brussels wants to pay wine growers to rip up their vineyards. Stephen Beard explains.

Lowering your cable bill?

Jun 22, 2006
A Senate panel takes up legislation today that could potentially lower your cable bill. Not surprisingly, the cable companies are lobbying fiercely against it. Alisa Roth reports.

Sunny forecast for solar power

Jun 22, 2006
A Bay Area company has announced plans to build the world's largest solar cell manufacturing plant. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Sports galore

Jun 22, 2006
Business of Sports expert David Carter and host Mark Austin Thomas discuss the implications of this month's sports marketing bonanza.

Estate tax compromise

Jun 22, 2006
Congressional Republicans are hoping to pass legislation before the July 4th recess to sharply reduce the federal estate tax. Eric Niiler looks at the implications for government coffers.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC

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