Jul 31, 2006

Marketplace AM for July 31, 2006

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MySpace for baby boomers

Jul 31, 2006
A new site called Eons.com helps seniors make contact with other seniors. Will the technology catch on with the boomers? Amy Scott reports.

Investors stick with Mexico

Jul 31, 2006
Despite more massive post-election protests over the weekend in Mexico City, investors aren't moving their money out of the country. Dan Grech reports.

Sloan Sessions: Private equity groups

Jul 31, 2006
Newsweek Magazine Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan talks with host Scott Jagow about all the deals going down on Wall Street lately and the trend of taking big public companies private.

Did we overpay for the genome map?

Jul 31, 2006
A complete map of the human genome has just become available. Janet Babin looks into how the Human Genome Project was funded, and whether all that government money really paid off.

Happy 25th, Infosys

Jul 31, 2006
Infosys is 25 years old. It was India's first global company and today it will become the first Indian company to ring the opening bell on NASDAQ. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Senate considers pension overhaul

Jul 31, 2006
Many companies have been underfunding their pension plans, so this week the Senate's expected to vote on the first pension overhaul in three decades. Host Scott Jagow talks to Karen Friedman with the Pension Rights Center about the proposed bill.

Corner office cuts

Jul 31, 2006
Looks like all that post-Enron fuss really has made a difference at the top. A new study out today suggests CEO compensation is down. Andrea Gardner reports

Wal-Mart gets labor union in China

Jul 31, 2006
Over the weekend Wal-Mart got its first labor union in China. But it's affiliated with the Communist Party. Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing.

Blair sidesteps Bush on stem cell research

Jul 31, 2006
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in California working to create a closer link between British and American scientists working in the field of stem cell research. Stephen Beard reports.

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