Jul 30, 2007

Marketplace AM for July 30, 2007

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A brand is worth...

Jul 30, 2007
BusinessWeek has come out with its annual list of the top 100 brands and Coca-Cola is tops again. Reporter Burt Helm tells us how brands are valued for the rankings and what it takes to make or break a brand.

Do the Hassle!

Jul 30, 2007
Long delays at London's Heathrow airport have earned it a reputation among travelers that's worrying government officials. They say it could be damaging the city's standing as a leading financial center, Stephen Beard reports.

Printers see red on Kinko's PDF deal

Jul 30, 2007
The PDF has become the standard electronic file for printing, and desktop publishing leader Adobe is teaming up with FedEx Kinko's to make printing the files much easier. Jeremy Hobson reports.

One regulatory body over all

Jul 30, 2007
Two stock-market policers joined forces today. NASD and NYSE regulators decided not to hyphenate and picked a new name instead: FINRA. Jill Barshay tells us what it all means.

Immigrants hitting 'second wall'

Jul 30, 2007
The price of U.S. citizenship goes up today. New fees nearly triple the old ones and that's creating a whole new barrier for low-wage immigrants who are playing by the rules. Dan Grech reports.

Can't be any worse, can it Wall Street?

Jul 30, 2007
Markets around the world have managed to regain their footing following last week's tumble, but they'll be watching Wall Street closely today for warning signs of bigger trouble, says Stephen Beard.

GM driving hybrid SUVs to market

Jul 30, 2007
The new hybrid Tahoe and GMC Yukons go on sale later this year, and some analysts say collectively they could save more fuel than all those passenger car hybrids. Janet Babin has details.

Carmakers want watered down CAFE

Jul 30, 2007
Congress is racing full-speed ahead towards tougher fuel economy standards by 2020 or sooner, but the auto industry is lobbying hard to put the breaks on. Jeremy Hobson has more.

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