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Segments From this episode

Job Files: Astronaut

Jul 21, 2006
Today's Job Files takes us out of this world to reveal the secrets of life in space — like how an astronaut kicks up that bland space food.

Strikes against Lebanon continue

Jul 21, 2006
Israeli prime minister says his army's offensive in Lebanon will last "as long as necessary." Financial Times reporter Ferry Biedermann is in Beirut and says critical infrastructure is simply wiped out.
A plume of smoke is seen over buildings following an Israeli night air raid on a Beirut southern neighborhood.
Nicolas Asfouri (c) AFP/Getty Images

Can NatWest 3 return to Britain?

Jul 21, 2006
Three British bankers charged with fraud in the US will learn today whether they'll be allowed to return temporarily to Britain. They were brought here last week after losing a long extradition battle. Stephen Beard reports.

Business reacts to pension reform

Jul 21, 2006
Many companies support Congressional efforts to reform the private pension system. They just want a few things in return, Sarah Gardner reports.

On-board advertising

Jul 21, 2006
US Airways plans to put ads on airsickness bags this fall. American is considering putting them on cups and napkins. Does any of this do anything for the bottom line? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Wanted: NFL Commissioner

Jul 21, 2006
Host Tess Vigeland and business of sports expert David Carter look at the qualities the NFL is looking for in its next commissioner.
Andy Lyons (c) Getty Images

Backdating charges filed

Jul 21, 2006
The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have brought the first criminal charges in the expanding stock options backdating probe. John Dimsdale reports.

Ivory-billed work stoppage

Jul 21, 2006
A federal judge halts work on $320 million irrigation project to protect a rare woodpecker. Pro-business lawmakers call it an example of the Endangered Species Act run amok. Scott Tong reports.

A case of Clean Air

Jul 21, 2006
Shia Levitt reports on a looming Supreme Court showdown between industry and environmentalists over a key provision of the Clean Air Act.