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Segments From this episode

Warm January

Jan 31, 2006
With one day left, January 2006 is expected to go down in the books as one of the warmest Januarys on record. Jeff Tyler looks at what impact the abnormal temperatures have had on snow-dependent businesses.

Making money off of Greenspan

Jan 31, 2006
Outgoing Fed chief Alan Greenspan didn't just leave his mark on the economy. He also had an impact in the art world. Scott Tong looks at one artist who's made some green from painting portraits of Greenspan.

China opens the door to new investment

Jan 31, 2006
New rules that go into effect today allowing foreign investors to own a larger percentage of Chinese companies. Alisa Roth has the details.

Understanding health savings accounts

Jan 31, 2006
President Bush expects to make health saving accounts a highlight of his State of the Union speech tonight. But how exactly do they work at the consumer level? Helen Palmer has the details.