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Jan 17, 2007

Marketplace AM for January 17, 2007

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Segments From this episode

Minimum wage saga continues

Jan 17, 2007
Should small businesses get billions in tax breaks when Congress raises the federal minimum wage? The Senate Finance committee takes up that question today. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Congress still runs on legalized bribery

Jan 17, 2007
Ethics and lobbying reform are getting a lot of play on the Hill this week, but commentator Robert Reich says the legislation on the table isn't going to change how the system works in Washington.

Migrants sending home billions

Jan 17, 2007
A report out today says the U.S is the top migrant-receiving country worldwide. So workers sending money home can create an outgoing cash flow problem — but also an opportunity, say the study's authors.

Inflation watch: Lower prices on the way?

Jan 17, 2007
The rise in wholesale prices slowed dramatically in December, which could mean lower prices for consumers in the months ahead. Nancy Marshall Genzer has details.

BP denies putting profit over safety

Jan 17, 2007
The Baker report panel found major safety deficiencies at BP's U.S. refineries. The company's CEO admits making mistakes but claims problems were not due to cost-cutting. Stephen Beard has more.

California freeze causes record citrus losses

Jan 17, 2007
Record-low temperatures have heavily damaged Central California's citrus and avocado crops. Losses will exceed what insurance covers — and workers'll feel the chill too. Steve Tripoli reports.

Space, the final frontier — for advertising

Jan 17, 2007
Just when you thought they'd run out of new places to put ads, researchers have begun selling ad space on the side of a satellite scheduled to orbit Earth in 2010. We asked Sean Cole to boldly go . . .

Tribune still for sale . . . anyone?

Jan 17, 2007
Tonight is the deadline to bid on the troubled Tribune Company. Buyers get a media arm that reaches into 80 percent of U.S. households and a baseball team. So why so little interest? Dan Grech reports.

Gazprom tries to clean up its image

Jan 17, 2007
Russia's state-controlled energy monopoly Gazprom is doing some damage control after run-ins with its customers in Ukraine and Belarus spilled over into Europe. Stephen Beard explains.

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