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Workplace intimidation

Jan 17, 2006
President Bush has decried the fact that a government worker went to the media with details about his domestic spying program. But as Jeff Tyler reports, workers at government intelligence agencies have little recourse if they want to "blow the whistle" on questionable practices.

Canadian healthcare refugees

Jan 17, 2006
Everyone knows Canada provides free healthcare to all its citizens. So why are a growing number of Canadians coming to the US for medical attention? Steve McNally has the answer.

A golden spike

Jan 17, 2006
The price of gold hit a 25-year high, and platinum hit its highest price ever, on Monday. Amy Scott tells us why.

Just say no -- to Uruguay

Jan 17, 2006
Argentineans, incensed over plans to build Uruguayan pulp mills along a river common to the two countries, have sparked a tourist boycott that's costing Uruguay dearly. Dan Grech reports.