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Feb 6, 2006

Marketplace AM for February 6, 2006

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The Sloan Sessions: the return of 30-year bonds

Feb 6, 2006
Later this week, the federal government will sell 30-year treasury bonds for the first time since 2001.Back then, the U.S. had a budget surplus, and had the money to pay off some of its $8 trillion dollar debt.But now, the deficit is mounting and the money's not there. Newsweek's Alan Sloan looks into whether investors are clamoring to buy the long bond.

India to buy Brazilian oil field

Feb 6, 2006
India has a growing appetite for oil. To feed that need India's state energy company is close to buying a 30% stake in a Brazilian oil field known as Project Sugar Loaf. Dan Grech reports from the America's Desk.

The budget heads to Congress

Feb 6, 2006
In his State of Union address, President Bush said he'd offer a budget that would cut funding for 140 domestic programs. Today, the President sends that budget request to Capitol Hill, but some wonder if it'll even make a dent in the deficit. Hilary Wicai reports.

The future of Wendy's

Feb 6, 2006
Wendy's has seen some frosty sales numbers lately. Today, the fast food company meets with analysts - to try to convince them things are turning around. Marketplace's Janet Babin reports.

"Company" author Max Barry

Feb 6, 2006
Max Barry got quite a shock when he went to work in sales at Hewlett Packard after college. He found the business world daunting... and inspirational. He's just written the ultimate satire of life in the corporation. It's called "Company", and it begins with the theft of a donut.

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