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Segments From this episode

Oldies but goodies

Feb 20, 2006
The US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups plan to join forces this week to encourage businesses to hire more people in their 50s. Janet Babin has more.

Generic drug makers in India prepare for bird flu

Feb 20, 2006
Indian health officials have decided to kill almost a million chickens after detecting their first case of bird flu this weekend. India hasn't yet reported any human cases of the deadly virus, but as Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi, the country's generic drug makers are preparing for the worst.

BlackRock deal

Feb 20, 2006
Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan discusses the Merrill Lynch/BlackRock mega deal, and what it means to investors, with host Scott Jagow.

Harrah's company benefits

Feb 20, 2006
Casino operator Harrah's plans to throw a benefit concert today to help employees left jobless by Hurricane Katrina. Amy Scott reports that the effort is rare in corporate philanthropy.