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Segments From this episode

Green & Economical

Feb 17, 2006
Wind power is typically more expensive than energy from conventional sources. But that's starting to change, and as Sam Eaton reports, it's helping some farmers save their family business.

Talk about bad timing...

Feb 17, 2006
As investigators look into allegations of resume padding by Radio Shack CEO David Edmondson, the electronics company tries to reassure investors it's got a strategy to boost sales. Business Editor Cheryl Glaser has more.

Little pump relief in sight

Feb 17, 2006
Although the price of crude oil has fallen from a record $71 a barrel to below $60, Amy Scott reports that we shouldn't expect to see much relief at the pump.

The Job Files: Theater Organist

Feb 17, 2006
This installment of the Job Files looks at Wurlitzer organ player Jim Riggs.