Feb 1, 2007

Marketplace AM for February 1, 2007

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Second Life laughs off real-life parody

Feb 1, 2007
The jokesters at GetaFirstLife.com expected a legal fight when the creators of Second Life caught wind of their spoof site — but the fight never came. Probably a smart business move, Janet Babin reports.

Senate considers paid time off

Feb 1, 2007
One small problem with the Family and Medical Leave Act: Many workers can't afford to actually take the unpaid leave. A new proposal would give workers six weeks off with paid leave in medical emergencies. Jeff Tyler reports.

Delta fends off US Air

Feb 1, 2007
US Airways withdrew its $10 billion hostile takeover bid after Delta's creditors agreed to see the company through its bankruptcy. Steve Tripoli looks at what may have been behind that calculation.

Boston scare is nothing new

Feb 1, 2007
The Cartoon Network's marketing scheme-gone-horribly-awry caused a lot of commotion in Boston yesterday, but it's not the first time a company's made such a tactical blunder.

Where's our paid leave?

Feb 1, 2007
The U.S. lags far behind the rest of the world when it comes to workplace policies such as paid maternity or sick leave. Study author Jody Heymann breaks it down for us.

Let's do the Super Bowl numbers

Feb 1, 2007
From $2.5 million ad rates to $2.50 bags of potato chips, there's a whole lotta money attached to Sunday's big game. USC Sports Business Institute's David Carter helps us with a little Super Bowl math.

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself

Feb 1, 2007
Michael Dell is going back to run the daily operations of the company he founded. Things there have generally been going south since he gave up the CEO position back in 2004, but stock prices were up on this news.

A victim of its own success?

Feb 1, 2007
Google's fourth quarter earnings came out yesterday. They nearly tripled to exceed $1 billion for the first time ever. That was even better than analysts expected, so why'd the stock drop overnight?

Shell posts record profit

Feb 1, 2007
The European oil giant made over $25 billion in 2006 — the biggest profit ever recorded by a company listed on the London exchange. But Shell could be facing a more difficult year ahead, Stephen Beard reports.

Social Security studies

Feb 1, 2007
This week in 1940, Ida May Fuller received the first monthly Social Security check. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history of one of the most popular federal programs of all-time.
Sample Social Security card

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