Dec 9, 2005

Marketplace AM for December 9, 2005

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Dec 9, 2005
Chileans go to the polls this weekend to elect a new president, and by law, they must vote or pay a fine. Jordana Gustafson reports on the effectiveness of the law.

Private space shuttles?

Dec 9, 2005
Once the Space Shuttle program is discontinued in 2010, NASA wants the private sector to take over deliveries of materiel and personnel to the International Space Station. Is the private sector ready? Bill Poorman reports.

The Job Files: Christmas tree farmer

Dec 9, 2005
Meet Christmas tree farmer Dan Goosen.

Hong Kong prepares for WTO

Dec 9, 2005
Hong Kong gets ready to welcome 6,000 delegates for the upcoming World Trade Organization conference. China's capitalist stronghold is also getting ready for the protesters that are sure to follow. Jocelyn Ford reports.

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