Dec 7, 2005

Marketplace AM for December 7, 2005

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Dec 7, 2005
The UN releases a report today looking at the effectiveness of so-alled "micro-loans" in spurring economic growth in developing nations. Ethan Lindsey reports.

USPS in the black

Dec 7, 2005
The United States Postal Service has announced it is going to end the year with a profit, but as Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, don't expect the post office to roll back those imminent postage increases.

Reich on tax cuts

Dec 7, 2005
Commentator Robert Reich looks at the fiscal impacts of the major tax cut proposals currently before Congress.

NYSE/Archipelago update

Dec 7, 2005
Members of the New York Stock Exchange have approved the acquisition of electronic exchange operator Archipelago. Bob Moon looks at what's next for the Big Board.

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