Aug 20, 2007

Marketplace AM for August 20, 2007

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NASDAQ gives up on London

Aug 20, 2007
The London Stock Exchange rebuffed its takeover advances earlier this year, so NASDAQ announced this morning it's putting its 31 percent stake in LSE up for sale. It's got its eye on another exchange now, Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Washington's import dilemma

Aug 20, 2007
A White House task force on import safety is working on recommendations to protect consumers from dangerous products. That's an interesting assignment for an administration that lives and dies by the rule of free trade, John Dimsdale reports.

American cheese gets flavor

Aug 20, 2007
Artisanal cheese makers across the U.S. are slowly but surely crafting a better reputation for American cheese. Think less square singles wrapped in plastic, more finely-aged fromage fit even for the French? Oui, Daniel Weiss reports.

Tough times for 'Three Amigos'

Aug 20, 2007
The annual meeting of North American presidents, designed to integrate the economies of the the U.S., Canada and Mexico, has earned the nickname "Three Amigos Summit." But relations are strained among these so-called friends, Dan Grech reports.

No seniors discount for health care

Aug 20, 2007
State lawmakers' landmark effort to cover all Massachusetts residents for health care is proving very successful by most measures. But the AARP says the premiums for seniors simply aren't affordable. Helen Palmer reports.

When hedge funds die...

Aug 20, 2007
Back in July a hedge fund called Sowood Capital collapsed in a week's time, and took $1.6 billion of investors' money down with it. The Boston Globe's Chris Rowland tells us how that's possible.

This land is ore land

Aug 20, 2007
Hard rock miners digging for gold, silver, copper or uranium operate under an 1872 law that allows them to extract public resources for free. A bill in Congress now would change that, but the companies have powerful allies, Wren Elhai…

Swiss bank head: Reality striking back

Aug 20, 2007
Switzerland's central bank chairman took off the gloves over the weekend, predicting in press interviews that we haven't seen the end of the crisis in world financial markets, thanks to the U.S. Stephen Beard has more.

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