Apr 3, 2007

Marketplace AM for April 3, 2007

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University presidents, take notes

Apr 3, 2007
Physics professor Lawrence Krauss lectures that universities aren't really businesses, and that university presidents who act as high-powered CEOs and run them like they are risk faculty revolts.

Pet food scare spreads to humans

Apr 3, 2007
There's been no confirmation that the tainted wheat gluten found in Del Monte's pet food caused any cats or dogs to die — or that it's even a risk to humans. But that hasn't stopped some people from worrying.

More type O to go around

Apr 3, 2007
Researchers have made a breakthrough discovery that could help alleviate blood bank shortages and take a lot of pressure off type O blood donors. They've found a way to change type A, B and AB blood into universal type O.

Pfizer inherits $35 million fine

Apr 3, 2007
The drug company has agreed to pay $34.7 million to settle an investigation into improper promotion of Genotropin, even though it took place before Pfizer bought the company that made the growth hormone.

Europe goes after Apple

Apr 3, 2007
A day after Apple and EMI announced a deal to provide music downloads minus copy protection, Apple's been accused of breaking E.U. competition law for selling music at different prices in different countries.

Subprime's domino effect

Apr 3, 2007
A new report predicts the housing market will suffer greater fallout yet from the collapse of the subprime mortgage market. UCLA's Anderson Forecast says some non-subprime mortgages now appear unstable.

Student loan kickbacks get kicked back

Apr 3, 2007
Eight universities will reimburse students over $3 million to settle charges that they accepted kickbacks to steer them toward "preferred lenders." Citibank is paying up too, but many other schools and lenders are still under investigation.

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