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Opting out of public financing

Apr 17, 2007
Fewer and fewer taxpayers are checking that little box to contribute $3 to the presidential election fund. But voters aren't the only ones saying no. Candidates are declining to use the fund. So is it worth keeping around?

Delta OK'd for reorganization

Apr 17, 2007
Creditors have agreed to take a 20 to 30 percent hit and approve a reorganization plan that puts Delta on course to emerge from bankruptcy by month's end. It's great news for Delta — and maybe the U.S. airline industry.

Fortune 500 get richer

Apr 17, 2007
Fortune magazine has posted its annual list of America's largest companies, and this year was their most profitable ever. Some argue that's good news for everyone, but critics point out the profits are made on the backs of low-wage workers.

AARP wants double dose of health insurance

Apr 17, 2007
Private health insurance is getting to be a big business for America's largest senior lobby. AARP today announced an expanded deal with UnitedHealth. The goal: Double insurance sales to the 50+ crowd.

Workplace discrimination complaints swell

Apr 17, 2007
There's been a steady rise in the number of women alleging unfair treatment in the workplace because of pregnancy, so today the government is looking into the matter.

Space R&D blasting off in 5. . .

Apr 17, 2007
Right now the fifth space tourist is orbiting the earth. Price tag: $20 million. So space tourism isn't exactly taking off at light speed, but some think there's a lot of money to be made a lot faster in space-based research.

GM introduces Spark to India

Apr 17, 2007
American automakers have struggled to make headway in India's large and fast-growing market, but GM is making a renewed push for sales with the Chevrolet Spark.

Pounding the dollar

Apr 17, 2007
The British pound is at a 14-year high against the U.S. dollar: It now takes $2 to equal one pound. The strength of Britain's currency is boosting some industries there, but it could also be a sign of trouble to come.

Just pay your taxes already

Apr 17, 2007
Today's the day. Pay up or file for an extension. Joan is a reformed tax-evader and she almost learned the hard way that the old saying is true, you really can't avoid death or taxes.

Losing control of the World Bank?

Apr 17, 2007
As pressure mounts for World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to resign, a growing chorus of nations is beginning to ask whether the U.S. should always get to choose who heads the international organization.
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz
Alex Wong, Getty Images