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Apr 17, 2006

Marketplace AM for April 17, 2006

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Eastern Europe hit by floods

Apr 17, 2006
Thousands of people are being evacuated from rising waters in Romania, Hungary and the Balkans, as governments are dealing with some of the worst flooding in more than a century. Stefan Bos reports.

Hu's first stop: The House of Gates

Apr 17, 2006
Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the United States this week. He travels first to Seattle, where he'll visit Bill Gates. As Alisa Roth reports, the stop is a victory in Gates' ongoing battle against pirated software in China.

Finding a loophole in the forest

Apr 17, 2006
With today's deadline to file tax returns, Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan and host Scott Jagow look at the recent tax loophole windfall for International Paper.

Job Files: Tax preparer

Apr 17, 2006
In this special Tax Day installment, Alaskan Jerry Lieboff talks about his work as a tax preparer who makes house calls in the bush.

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