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Segments From this episode

Golden State looks to cap greenhouse gases

Apr 12, 2006
California's governor and legislature have agreed that the best way to curb greenhouse gas emissions is through a government-regulated cap and trade scheme. Sam Eaton reports on how businesses are lining up for the debate.

India courts Congress

Apr 12, 2006
US congressional representatives are in India today to meet with officials about President Bush's proposal to formally acknowledge India's nuclear program. Miranda Kennedy reports.

A model health care plan

Apr 12, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich argues that Massachusetts' plan requiring people who can afford health insurance to buy it is no different than requiring drivers to carry auto insurance.

Passover bread market goes online

Apr 12, 2006
Traditional avoidance of leavened bread during Passover has prompted some Jewish families to sell their unwanted baked goods on eBay. Rachel Dornhelm reports.