Market movements and uncertainty in American politics
Jun 28, 2024

Market movements and uncertainty in American politics

We track money movements after an uncomfortable debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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Some traders more convinced of a second Trump term

The rule of thumb in the investing world is that market players don’t like uncertainty. And the question this morning is whether there is more or less of it with regards to the next president of the United States, after a rough night for President Joe Biden on stage next to former President Donald Trump. We’ll unpack.

Lawmakers managed to fix Social Security in the 1980s. But those fixes won't work a second time.

Jun 28, 2024
The Social Security program is on track to burn through its savings account by 2035 unless Congress changes the law before then. Social Security faced a similar funding crisis in the early 1980s.
Some of the fixes used in 1983, like exposing benefits to taxation, were one-time solutions. Congress will have to agree on more ways to increase funding before the 2035 deadline comes around.
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