Looking to learn about economics? Start with inequality
Feb 2, 2023

Looking to learn about economics? Start with inequality

Any student studying introductory economics could tell you about traditional concepts like efficiency, production functions, and others. But there's one essential concept that's often glossed over: economic inequality. As part of our Marketplace Crash Course series, we spoke with Homa Zarghamee, professor of economics at Barnard College, about inequality and why it's important to learn about. And, a look into why the Fed chose to raise rates by a quarter-point yesterday.

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Econ 101: Why learn about economic inequality?

Professor Homa Zarghamee explores issues tied to wealth distribution and explains how economics translates into policies that affect people's lives.
Barnard professor Homa Zarghamee says learning about economic inequality is a fundamental part of understanding the modern economy.
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A gaze into the crystal ball of future Fed rate decisions

Marketplace’s Nancy Marshall-Genzer explains what yesterday’s rate hike could mean for future Fed decisions.

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