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Local news outlets are struggling. What are some solutions?
Apr 9, 2024

Local news outlets are struggling. What are some solutions?

Tim Franklin of Northwestern University’s Local News Initiative discusses some models that could help bolster local news sustainability.

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Tesla, autopilot and a fatal car crash

Just ahead of jury selection, Tesla has settled a civil case involving how the EV company marketed its driver-assistance system. The settlement comes even though Tesla had prevailed in two earlier lawsuits over its autopilot system.

The latest in a long laundering and tax-dodging affair

You may remember back in 2016 the trove of files that came to light revealing who was hiding money using a law firm in Panama. The leak of 11 million documents, which became known as the “Panama Papers,” highlighted how the rich and powerful conceal their wealth and, in some cases, dodge taxes. Now, the trial has begun in Panama City. The BBC’s Ione Wells reports.

Solutions for local news deserts

Legacy news outlets are changing revenue models, for-profit outfits are switching to nonprofit and startups are finding opportunities.
"More than a dozen states have either passed legislation or are considering legislation to help local news," said Tim Franklin, who leads the Medill Local News Initiative at Northwestern University.
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