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Key EU finance ministers say a new global tax system is “within reach”
Jun 4, 2021

Key EU finance ministers say a new global tax system is “within reach”

From the BBC World Service: Ahead of a G-7 meeting in London, finance chiefs from the European Union's four largest economies say now is the time to overhaul corporate tax around the world. And, pandemic volunteers in England's health system have seen a well-being boost that's equal to getting a $2,500 bonus.

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Adding up the economic benefits of volunteering during a pandemic

Jun 4, 2021
One study found the net benefit from a British health service volunteer program equated to a $627 million boost for the economy.
During the pandemic, volunteers in England got the same wellbeing boost that they would get from receiving a $2,500 bonus, new research from the London School of Economics reveals this week. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

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