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JPMorgan sues former top exec linked to Jeffrey Epstein
Mar 9, 2023

JPMorgan sues former top exec linked to Jeffrey Epstein

JPMorgan has opened a lawsuit against Jes Staley, a former top executive who was head of private banking at the company. We look into what's behind the lawsuit, and how it revolves around Staley's alleged ties to the late sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. And, we speak to the owner of a Latin music-focused record shop in Los Angeles about his story and the broader vinyl revival, which has accelerated in recent years as new demographic groups hop on the trend.

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A window into LA's budding scene for Latin vinyl records

Mar 9, 2023
At Sonido del Valle in Boyle Heights, owner Rene Perez said Latin vinyl records are the main attraction, not just another section.
Sonido del Valle owner Rene Perez stands in front of a case of vinyl records for sale at his shop in Boyle Heights, CA.
Marketplace/Erika Soderstrom

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