Bayer’s $10 billion settlement over Roundup
Jun 25, 2020

Bayer’s $10 billion settlement over Roundup

One of the largest product-liability settlements ever takes shape. Will the U.S. be able to sustain an improvement in reducing unemployment? Nike's earnings, and its support for Black Lives Matter. How the pandemic is testing the foster care system.

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Bayer reaches $10 billion settlement in Roundup cancer lawsuits

Bayer, which acquired Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, is trying to settle all claims, present and future.
The herbicide Roundup has been a blockbuster weedkiller, but plaintiffs say it causes a certain cancer and several juries have agreed.
Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

Nike's brand burnished by its affiliation with Colin Kaepernick

Jun 25, 2020
According to a recent Harris poll, Nike’s reputation with the general public has strengthened over the past two years.
There’s been renewed interest in Nike’s commercials featuring brand ambassador quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Those first ran in September of 2018.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How the pandemic is testing the foster care system

Jun 25, 2020
The whole system has practically ground to a halt. Once the pandemic is over, a flood of children could enter foster care.
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