Job quality is getting worse during COVID
Apr 7, 2021

Job quality is getting worse during COVID

A survey by Gallup released today finds that the pandemic, for many, has eroded the quality of jobs you get if you have a job. And, the worsening-jobs effect is most pronounced for low-income workers. Plus, data on a universal basic income experiment suggests that the free money does not discourage work.

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40% of workers have experienced worsening job quality since start of pandemic, new report finds

The report uses the 2020 Great Jobs Survey, a partnership between Gallup, Omidyar Network and the Bill & Melinda Gates and Lumina Foundations. Marketplace’s Nova Safo has more.

Does universal basic income discourage work? Maybe not, new data says.

We're learning more about what happens when the government gives people money without conditions.
New data from the first year of a universal basic income program in Stockton, California, suggests worries over work incentives might be overblown.
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