It might be time to talk about inflation with the kids
Jul 12, 2022

It might be time to talk about inflation with the kids

With our friends from "Million Bazillion," we discuss why talking to kids about money should be a regular thing. We've entered the window of time for the reporting of second quarter earnings, but the specter of inflation has cast a shadow over companies' expected profit numbers. Unpaid medical debts are about to stop weighing down credit reports. 

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Major credit bureaus are changing how they report unpaid medical bills

Jul 12, 2022
A new policy could soften medical debt's impact on consumers' credit reports and credit scores.
In many bases, the balance of unpaid medical debt is no more than $500. Starting next year, those balances won't be on credit reports.
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Why it’s important to talk with your kids about money  

“You are teaching them about money, even if you're not saying anything,” says Bridget Bodnar, co-host and senior producer of "Million Bazillion" — Marketplace’s podcast for kids.
Not talking to your kids about money already teaches them one lesson ... that money can be stressful.
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