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Infrastructure, yes, but also jobs
Jun 28, 2021

Infrastructure, yes, but also jobs

The bipartisan infrastructure deal appears on again after running into some trouble over the weekend. The wrinkle was President Joe Biden suggesting he won't sign the $1 trillion deal unless a separate bill that Republicans oppose also comes to his desk. Plus, the investment in human capital that comes with the infrastructure deal. And, a new McKinsey report on structural racism in the workplace finds addressing wage disparities could lift 2 million Black Americans into the middle class.

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Infrastructure plan highlights shortage of skilled workers

Jun 28, 2021
The job-creating infrastructure package is being debated at a time when millions of skilled blue-collar workers are nearing retirement.
President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan would make roughly a trillion dollars available to repair roads, bridges and other systems.
Anna Moneymaker/Pool/Getty Images

Closing racial wage gap could lift 2 million Black Americans into middle class, study finds

Jun 28, 2021
A new McKinsey report details the sweeping economic disparities Black Americans face.
A new report from McKinsey says Black Americans are underrepresented in occupations like doctor that are traditional pathways to the middle class.
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