Inflation tapers a bit, but what’s behind that?
Jan 12, 2023

Inflation tapers a bit, but what’s behind that?

Inflation tapered off a bit at the end of December, according to the latest data from the Consumer Price Index released this morning. That was in line with predictions and spells good news for many economists, including policymakers at the Federal Reserve, but what was really behind the slowdown? Susan Schmidt helps break down this morning's numbers. The World Bank released a report this week predicting a sharp global economic downturn in the next year, which would hit developing nations particularly hard. And, for our Econ Extra Credit series, we delve into the seminal "Pumping Iron" bodybuilding documentary with journalist Oliver Lee Bateman. 

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World Bank predicts sharp economic downturn, hitting developing countries hardest

Jan 12, 2023
The projected slump would put the global economy on a razor’s edge, World Bank researchers say.
A vendor sells cereals in Nairobi, Kenya. A recent World Bank report says that a global recession could hit emerging economies especially hard.
Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

How “Pumping Iron” influenced the bodybuilding industry

Investors originally thought the documentary was boring, so the filmmakers added drama and conflict.
A screenshot of packaging for "Pumping Iron." The marketing tactics behind the documentary, which featured Schwarzenegger and bodybuilder-actor Lou Ferrigno, affected the sport for decades to come.

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