Ida’s impact wrecks Gulf Coast power grid, chokes off resources
Aug 30, 2021

Ida’s impact wrecks Gulf Coast power grid, chokes off resources

Also: Julia Coronado discusses the market picture and Nancy Marshall-Genzer delivers more storm details. We also look at how travel is shaping up as Labor Day approaches. For anyone already looking forward to a long weekend, we also look into a new process of undersea winemaking.

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Travel slowing as Labor Day nears

Aug 30, 2021
The late-summer slowdown could delay full recovery for the industry.
A Turkish Airlines plane is seen at the Miami International Airport in June 2021. Airlines are largely viewing spread of the delta variant as having a short-term impact, industry experts say.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

For these barrels of wine, it's "merroir" ... not "terroir"

Aug 30, 2021
A French entrepreneur is using a method to ferment wine barrels in ocean waters.
Emmanuel Poirmeur, a winemaker, samples a glass of wine that fermented in big, white barrels under the sea.
John Laurenson

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