Hybrid work is sticking around
Jun 10, 2021

Hybrid work is sticking around

The latest data point when it comes to what the post-pandemic future of work will look like: Facebook is giving more employees the option to keep working remotely, and Mark Zuckerberg said he plans to spend part of his time working remotely well into 2022. We have more on how CEO actions set the tone. Plus, the world's largest meat processing company paid an $11 million ransom to get control of their systems back. And, an agenda for global economic resilience and restructuring ahead of the G-7 summit featuring President Biden.

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Company bosses will set the tone when it comes to working from home

Jun 10, 2021
Companies may say it's OK for employees to work from home, but if CEOs are always in the office, that sends a different message.
Experts say that where executives spend their time will influence what employees decide to do, regardless of what company policy.
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Is the global economy facing a "Bretton Woods" moment?

Jun 10, 2021
One think tank CEO says the G-7 summit is a moment to envision an economic restructuring similar in scale to that of post-WWII.
President Joe Biden (center) and first lady Jill Biden (left) arrive in Cornwall for the G-7 summit.
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