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How the latest bank failure reshaped the financial industry overnight
May 1, 2023

How the latest bank failure reshaped the financial industry overnight

The embattled First Republic Bank, one of the institutions caught in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse, was acquired overnight by federal regulators and sold to JPMorgan Chase. It's a massive, multi-billion dollar deal that makes America's largest bank even larger. Erik Gordon, professor at the University of Michigan, explains what the collapse says about the financial industry. Plus, we look at how the construction industry is dealing with an ever-present shortage of workers. 

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By acquiring First Republic, JPMorgan becomes "too big to be too-big-to-fail"

The reverberations of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse have taken down First Republic. What's next for the financial industry?
JPMorgan Chase's acquisition of First Republic further consolidates the industry in the country's largest bank, says the University of Michigan's Erik Gordon.
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

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Leanna Byrne Host, BBC
Kelly Silvera Executive Producer
Meredith Garretson Morbey Senior Producer
Erika Soderstrom Producer
Alex Schroeder Producer
Ariana Rosas Producer/Director
Jarrett Dang Digital Producer (gone fishing)
Jesson Duller Media Producer
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James Graham Producer, BBC
Jo Critcher Producer, BBC
Olie D'Albertanson Producer, BBC

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