How talent retention can benefit urban renaissance
Feb 1, 2022

How talent retention can benefit urban renaissance

Also today, we take a look at how there are many more people renting these days, driving down vacancies and giving way to higher rent overall.

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Talent retention as a community development strategy for low-income neighborhoods

Feb 1, 2022
Majora Carter's new book, "Reclaiming Your Community," pursues a "better way" to revitalize cities.
Majora Carter's new book, "Reclaiming Your Community: You Don’t Have to Move Out of Your Neighborhood to Live in a Better One," explores urban revitalization.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Vacancies are down, demand is up and rents are rising

Feb 1, 2022
The rental vacancy rate is just under 6%, the lowest it's been since the 1980s. And that's driving prices up.
A competitive housing market is part of why so many people are renting right now. Above, a "rent" sign is displayed on a Miami apartment building.
Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

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