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Holy hiring! U.S. economy adds 528,000 jobs in July
Aug 5, 2022

Holy hiring! U.S. economy adds 528,000 jobs in July

The U.S. economy added 528,000 jobs in July, according to the latest jobs report, far outpacing expectations. We dig into what that means amid high inflation and whether this dampens fears of a recession. More on the reasons why the labor market will likely stay hot for the foreseeable future, including Baby Boomer retirements and declining immigration. Also, China has imposed sanctions on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her visit to Taiwan. 

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Expect the job market to stay tight -- even if the economy heads into a recession

Aug 5, 2022
There's a shortage of workers, thanks to retiring Baby Boomers and declining immigration.
A number of economic factors, including lower-than-normal labor force participation, declining immigration, and  retirements among Baby Boomer-aged workers means that labor shortages may persist well into the future.
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