High oil prices and recession have a history together
Mar 8, 2022

High oil prices and recession have a history together

Oil prices are at their highest point since 2008, with the national average of gas topping out at more than $4 per gallon. Historically, big spikes in oil prices have been the appetizer for a recession. We start in the 1970s for our look at the historic link between the two. President Biden will reportedly sign an executive order this week to direct federal agencies to figure out how to regulate cryptocurrencies. With Visa and MasterCard about to nullify operations in Russia, what are Russian banks and cardholders in and out of the country to do? 

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The sun sets behind smoke rising from a refining plant in Houston.
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As Visa and Mastercard pull out, options appear slim for Russian banks, cardholders

Mar 8, 2022
Russian banks may have to turn to Chinese processor UnionPay.
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