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Health care battle continues for survivors of 9/11
Sep 9, 2021

Health care battle continues for survivors of 9/11

Also today: Diane Swonk is today's guest to add more facets to the unemployment numbers discussion. A new study says racial inequalities have cost the U.S. $51 trillion dollars in lost output since 1990. And, while Google and Microsoft have pledged billions toward cybersecurity, there's a shortage of people with cybersecurity skills.

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20 years on, health care claims from 9/11 survivors are increasing

Sep 9, 2021
Many have been diagnosed with cancer. The exposure to toxins from the pulverized buildings "has a really, really long tail," a doctor says.
In 2007, paramedic Marvin Bethea, a first responder on 9/11, displayed the medications he had to take in the aftermath.
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Where are the cybersecurity pros?

While tech have pledged billions toward cybersecurity, there’s a shortage of people who can actually do the work.

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