Google’s Bard isn’t Shakespeare, but instead an AI chatbot
Feb 7, 2023

Google’s Bard isn’t Shakespeare, but instead an AI chatbot

Google announced this week that it is developing Bard, the tech giant's chatbot intended to rival ChatGPT. Microsoft, meanwhile, is trying to develop its own chatbot to work with the Bing search engine. The recent scandal in India involving the Adani Group, one of the country's largest companies, is sending waves through the Indian economy. And, a look into why consumer debt is on the rise in the U.S. ahead of the Fed's report on consumer credit. 

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What's behind India's Adani scandal?

The BBC’s India correspondent, Arunoday Mukharji, explains what’s been going on in the country.

Consumer debt is becoming more of a burden

Feb 7, 2023
Consumer debt levels have been rising. While wage gains have helped people pay off debt, those gains have been slowing down.
The Fed's consumer credit report, due out today, will show whether people are continuing to take on more and more debt.
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