Global growth outlook more optimistic for 2023, says IMF
Jan 31, 2023

Global growth outlook more optimistic for 2023, says IMF

The global economy is projected to be low in the coming year but beat previous expectations, a fresh report from the International Monetary Fund says. Optimism about inflation, loosening supply chain backlogs, and the re-opening of China are all contributing to rosier predictions. A check-in with the so-called "resolution economy," which revolves primarily around people wanting to improve themselves in the new year. And, the French tech company Thales has launched a credit card that talks as an aid for people with visual impairments. 

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Talking credit cards help visually impaired people prevent abuse

Jan 31, 2023
Thales, a French firm, is launching a credit card that interacts with a user's smartphone to provide audio cues and transaction confirmations.
In Paris, Stephanie Khoeung tries out a new talking credit card that helps visually impaired people confirm transactions.
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