Glitz, glamor and economics at the 2024 upfronts
May 17, 2024

Glitz, glamor and economics at the 2024 upfronts

We'll take the pulse of ad spending as streaming continues to outshine traditional broadcast television.

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China's government steps in with a property rescue package

China’s property sector has been in deep trouble for many months, but officials in Beijing have not seen a systemic threat and have avoided major policy interventions — until today. The Chinese government has a new package of rules to try to prop up real estate. The BBC’s Micky Bristow reports.

The future of the CFPB no longer in jeopardy

The Supreme Court has rejected a conservative challenge to the way the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is funded, which means the institution set up to protect the rights of consumers after the 2008 financial collapse can move forward with a long list of safeguards. And some of those safeguards are deeply opposed by companies from banks to airlines and beyond.

Glitz, glamor and economics at this year's upfronts

Media companies are leaning more into digital assets like streaming as advertisers continue to shy away from investing in broadcast television.
Media companies often try to woo advertisers during their upfronts, such as this year's Amazon Prime Video announcement of a "Legally Blonde" prequel series.
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Amazon

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