Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown over student debt
Feb 28, 2023

Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown over student debt

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case challenging the Biden administration's landmark student debt forgiveness program, which was initially announced mid-last year. We look into what could happen at the high court, and who could potentially be affected whichever way the justices rule. And, a conversation with Bruce Schneier, the author of a new book called "A Hacker's Mind: How the Rich and Powerful the Bend Society's Rules, and How to Bend Them Back."

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Biden's student loan forgiveness plan goes before the Supreme Court

Feb 28, 2023
At issue is if the president has the authority to cancel up to $20,000 in federal student debt for some 43 million borrowers.
President Biden's signature student-debt policy is now in the hands of the nine justices.

Inside the "hacker" culture of the rich and powerful

Feb 28, 2023
A new book explores how the most privileged in society attempt to "hack" the rules.
The typical image of a hoodie-wearing hacker isn't the same as societal "hackers," argues "A Hacker's Mind" author Bruce Schneier.
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